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Hello -

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Penelope Pratley. I am an illustrator, emerging author and an educator. My first job was a fairy after which I packed up my wings to be an Art Teacher. My BIG dream has always been to write and illustrate quality books that will inspire children to read. I love to use watercolour, ink, pencil and mixed media. I long to create books that people treasure. Books they will come back to time and time again. I truly want to capture a child’s imagination and engage them into adulthood as so many authors and illustrators have done for me. I aim to grow hearts.  

I truly believe that Illustrations should serve others and create a lasting memory. My goal is always to deliver quality that will bless others. 

I no longer teach full time but am fortunate to spend my days creating all kinds of lovely images for clients. I am currently busy illustrating books to be published in 2020 and 2021, while teaching art classes during the week.  The Art Garden written by Penny Harrison was my illustrator debut in February 2018. 

I live with a surfer, an inventor, a ballerina, three chickens, a rabbit, a rescued cat, and we're getting a puppy. I adore stories for children, own far too many pencil cases and only emerge from my garden studio (really a shed) to hunt for chocolate freckles, seek sunshine and care for my beautiful family. 

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